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All employers have a  duty to regularly reassess the workplace first aid needs so that employees and visiting members of the public are properly safeguarded against accident and illnesses.





Setting the Standard

This February BSi launched the new standard for First Aid Kits in Motor Vehicles.

Having a first aid kit in the car or vehicle can be a lifesaver.  Not only can it prove crucial in the event of a road crash, but also in less serious mishaps such as cuts, scrapes and burns.

The BSi have published a new national standard for first aid provision within motor vehicles. This standard aims to improve safety for all UK motorists by equipping vehicles with a first aid kit scaled specifically to the size of the vehicle and number of passengers, while providing the essential first response supplies needed to deal with a road side incident.

The new standard aims to make it easier than ever before to ensure your motor vehicle is stocked  with appropriate first aid provision, specifying requirements for the compilation of first aid components in three sizes of first aid kits - small, medium and large.

Small motorist kit: Designed for vehicles with 1 - 3 passengers such mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles and quad bikes etc   Shop for small  vehicle motorist kit now

Medium motorist kit: Designed for cars, taxis, commercial vehicles with 1 - 8 passengers such as cars, taxis etc Shop for medium vehicle motorist kit now

Large motorist kit: Designed for larger vehicles with 9 - 16 passengers such as minibuses.  Vehicles with more than 16 passengers and more than one level, such as buses or coaches will require more than one kit. Shop for large vehicle motorist kit now

Our products are used by our own first aid and medical services, so quality is paramount. Seeing the St John Ambulance logo on a product gives you the confidence to know that you’re getting the very highest quality first aid supplies as well as outstanding value for money.


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