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Description Use In First Aid
Antiseptic Cream to apply to cut, grazes and minor wounds
Antiseptic Lotion to clean a wound with cotton wool / cotton ball
Antiseptic Swabs to clean a wound
Cleansing Wipes to clean cut, grazes and minor wounds
Alcohol Prep Pads antiseptic / germicide
Povidone Iodine Prep Pads antiseptic / germicide
Povidone Iodine Swabsticks antiseptic / germicide
Iodine Solution antiseptic / germicide
Acriflavine Solution antiseptic / germicide
Cool Jel to provide cooling, soothing relief for minor burns
Calamine Lotion to soothe insect bites and minor rash
Ammonia Inhalants to assist in reviving casualty from fainting or shock
Smelling Salt to relieve nasal congestion and faintness
Stingose Gel smoothing strings and insect bites
Hot / Cold Packs the instant to sprain and swelling
Description Use In First Aid
Artery Forceps to clamp bleeding vessel
Dressing Forceps (Dissecting) to remove splinters; to hold a dressing
Dressing Forceps, Curved to hold gauze / cotton for cleanising
Dressing Scissors to cut guazes or bandages
Bandage Scissors to cut bandages from the body
Shears: Tuff Cut Scissors to cut clothing, blanket, seat belts, etc
Finger Ring Cutter to saw the ring band in two when it is difficult to remove
Kidney Dish to contain liquid for cleansing or dressing instruments
Tongue depressor spatula; mixers; use as finger splint
Disposable Apron for personal protection and hygiene
Disposable Face Masks* for personal protection and hygiene
Disposable Gloves* for personal protection and hygiene
Disposable Goggles for personal protection and hygiene
Emergency Blanket, foil keep warm - can relect over 90% of radiated body heat
Eye-Wash Bottle* to contain water or saline for eye irrigation
Eye-Wash Station* to keep eye-wash bottles
Eye Magnet with Loop For emergency removal of metallic and non-metallic objects from the eye.
H.I.S. to control head movement & maintain spine alignment
First Collars to maintain the cervical spine in a neutral position
Finger Splints* alumafoam finger splinting, cut to fit
Full Leg Splints* leg immobilisers, to be fastened by straps
Inflatable Splints* air splint to immobile the limb
Sam Splint* to use for support of the leg, arm, humorus or cervical spine
Telescopic Splints wooden splint with extended metal sockets
Diagnostic Penlight a small torch to diagnose contracted eyeball
Safety Pins to secure a bandage or for other fasten purposes
Feverscan to read forehead temperature
Thermometer, clinical to read body temperature
Bio-Hazard Disposable Bags for the safe disposal of clinical waste
Disposable Yellow Bags for disposal of soiled gloves, wipes, dressings, etc
Pocket Mask to aid resuscitation
First Aid Airway - a revive aid to aid resuscitation
Disposable Resuscitation Kit to prevent cross infection while applying kiss-of-life
Obstetrical Kit kits contain everything to contact emergency delivery
Infection Control Kit complete protection for control infectious diseases
Sanke Bite Kit remove poison from stings or bites by creating suction
Burn Kit to response to burns emergency
Description Use In First Aid
Constrictive Bandage use as tourniquet
Triangular Bandage for arm slings and general bandaging or padding
W.O.W. Roller Bandages* for general and simple dressing retention
Conforming Bandages* for dressing retention, conform well to the body
Crepe Bandages* to provide light support for minor sprains and strains
Elastic Bandages* to provide support for sprained joints
Singlefix ready to use dressing cum bandage for one finger
Surgifix size 1-2 to hold dressings securely in place
Surgifix size 3-4 for dressing retention, especially joints
Surgifix size 5-6 allowing freedom of movement
Surgifix Net Bandages 25m* as above, different sizes for different part of the body
Absorbent Cotton Wool* to apply medication or use as padding
Absorbent Cotton Wool 12's/pk to apply medication
Cotton Balls to apply medication
Cotton Buds to apply medication
Cotton Wool, Sterile, 15g/box to clean wound when solution is not available
Extra Large Dressing, No. 3 to cover a large wound with a bandage to tie
First Aid Dressing, Finger, No. 7 to cover a finger with bandage to tie
First Aid Dressing, Med, No. 8 to cover a wound with a bandage to tie
First Aid Dressing, Large, No. 9 to cover a wound with a bandage to tie
Eye Pad with Bandage, No. 16 to cover an eye with a bandage to tie
Non Adhesive Dressings* to cover a minor cut and grazes, not sticking to wound
Absorbent Gauzes 20's/pkt to clean wounds or to apply medication
Gauze Swabs* to clean or dress a wound
Absorbent Lint* to apply medication; ointment
Dressing Strips, Plaster* to cover a small wound
First Aid Dressings 10's/pkt to assist blood clotting, prevent infection
First Aid Dressings, Plasters to treat monor cuts, scratches, brasions or shoe sores
Micropore Tape* to secure a dressing pad or bandage in place
Waterproof Tape* to protects dressing from contamination by water
Zinc Oxide Plasters* to use for strapping
Zinc Oxide Tape* a sturdy tape that can be used for strapping
Water-Jel Burn Dressings* easy to use fast, cool, effective burn treatment
Water-Jel Fire Blankets* use to smoother flames and treatment for burns
Water-Jel Facial Dressings dressing with holes for E, N, M for covering face burnt
Water-Jel Cool Jel* can be used directly on a burn to provide cooling
Burn Sheet* simply submerge sheet in water to apply directly on to a bum
* Various types or sizes
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